craftybutcher asked: What's your best guess of how early I would need to arrive to be in the first 200 people to be let in?

No idea.  Your guess is as good as ours.


craftybutcher asked: How much for the whole collection?

No price as it won’t be sold as a whole.


bonjenvi asked: is there an average price for each LP? Trying to figure out how much money to bring!



littleritual asked: Do you guys have anything from Fania Records? Any Latin Soul?

Possibly.  Not in any large batches that we have seen at this point.  Latin music is well represented, but scattered throughout.  Browsing will be necessary.


operassassin asked: Hi, are there any 78rpm records for sale too??

Just LPs this time around.

3pm Tuesday, August 6.  40% load in.

Top Photo:  West Table

Bottom Photo:  SouthTable

At the near end of West Table, we see some ancient Mercury discs.  These are among the older selections and many have seen some real action. Still some solid offerings, though.

The near end of South Table typifies the diversity of the sale.  Genre labels recorded decades apart nestle together waiting for the gentle yet commanding touch of a new master.

Carts will bring in fresh selections continuously throughout Friday and Saturday.  Only 80% of the records will fit comfortably in the gallery for Thursday’s opening.

Carts will bring in fresh selections continuously throughout Friday and Saturday.  Only 80% of the records will fit comfortably in the gallery for Thursday’s opening.

Important Information about Thursday, part 1

Should you arrive early, please form an orderly and cheerful line outside the Lincoln Center Plaza main entrance to the Library for the Performing Arts (LPA).  The sale will open to the public when LPA opens at Noon.

At 11am, staff will distribute a place card to the first 200 people in line.  When the doors open, those with a card will follow a member of the R&H staff in an orderly manner into the gallery to initiate the sale. A trumpet shall sound. Should a member of the R&H staff decide that the room can comfortably host more record seekers, more record seekers will be admitted. As some leave, some will be invited to take their place.

Staff will remain as flexible and open as possible as we want everyone to get in there as soon as possible!  You’ve been waiting for this all week, right?  We also want it to be fun and for people to meet one another. People will just freak out on each other if there are simply too many people in there.

Plan for rain!  This is no small thing and here is why: 1) many of you plan to wait outside until LPA opens. Fortunately, there is some shelter under the roof of the Beaumont Theater, our neighbor to the North, but dress accordingly. 2) your records may get wet and any boxes you may have will deteriorate much more quickly, likely dumping the greatest record you’ve ever found onto the wet and grim Plaza. 3) We will not be able to hold people’s purchases for a later pick up.  If you buy a lot of records you have to take them with you. See above. 4) entering the sale in completely drenched clothing and footwear is irresponsible. So much anarchic wetness can damage the records, cause people to slip, and make a general mess of things. 

Plan to be courteous to your fellow record hunters.  You are all in this in part for the thrill of the hunt, but it can get tense when multiple eyes land on the same prize.  Try and work it out with a spirit of good will. A member of the R&H staff would be happy to arbitrate any dispute and will entertain bidding.  Should anyone’s behavior appear threatening or generally out of hand, NYPL security will promptly escort that individual off the premises.   

Prepare an exit plan.  Don’t delude yourself.  It is quite likely you will leave the sale with a number of recordings that vastly exceeds the arbitrary limit you set for yourself before you left home.  We can’t hold them for you - you need to know how you are getting them home!  Did you bring plastic covering or a garbage bag to protect your records when you go back into the rain?  Given how many people plan to be there Thursday, we certainly won’t have enough on hand.  Should you budget for cab fare?  Can your Mom pick you up?  The staff will be able to direct you as to how to get your records to the Amsterdam Avenue entrance, where there is curbside access.